About us

Our story

Founded in 2017, ENDHORA is much more than just a fashion brand. It is a reflection of the power of self-confidence and a passion for elegance.

Ana Aguiar, the founder and fashion designer behind the brand, combined her deep passion for fashion with the burning desire to create a brand that would leave a lasting impression on every woman.

At ENDHORA, we believe that fashion is more than just wearing clothes; it is a form of empowerment. We boldly challenge the norms of fast fashion by producing exclusively tailored and custom-made pieces.

Quality is uncompromising, details are essential, and our commitment to the environment is unwavering. We use top-quality raw materials and combine them with a charming touch that makes ENDHORA's clothes so special.

Our mission is to provide every woman with the confidence to be exactly who she wants to be, right now.

ENDHORA is a symbol of empowerment, self-confidence, and personal style. It is designed for women who radiate confidence, possess unwavering self-esteem, and take pride in their own style.

Discover your style, embrace your confidence, and become part of the ENDHORA community. We are here to make your most special moments truly unforgettable.

With love ♥